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If you have been injured at work, there is one very important thing you should do for yourself—talk to an attorney!

Whether it is my number or another firm’s number, you should do yourself the simple favor of calling a workers’ compensation attorney.

In the California workers’ compensation system, attorney fees are typically paid by the insurance carrier out of any settlement. This means no expense whatsoever to you. Fees are generally capped at 15% of any settlement you obtain and only awarded to your attorney after a determination by a judge. Fifteen percent for attorney fees is small in comparison to most other areas of the law. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can often build your case to an amount far in excess of their 15% attorney fee.

Workers’ compensation laws are complicated. A knowledgeable and competent workers’ compensation attorney can advise on the many laws written to ensure that your necessary medical treatment is approved and that you receive all the monetary benefits you deserve.

Employers and their insurance carriers can and do wrongly deny treatment. They always attempt to pay less. It is their job to save money and your injury will be minimalized. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will get you the compensation that your injury deserves.

Workers’ compensation benefits are your right. They are mandated by law and paid for by employers that have enjoyed the privilege of your labor. Do yourself a simple favor, just this one thing—call my number.

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